You Must Have a Death Wish

From Fahrenheit 13

How do you go from hustler to hitman? When Moonie Sykes gets offered a meeting with Roberto 'Gato' Padilla, he thinks it's about moving some drugs. Turns out, Gato is offering a big payday for an even bigger job—kill some real estate prick named Larry Aces.

Sure Moonie's done people wrong before, just never so wrong they ended up dead. Call it moving on up...

This brutal noir sketches a world so crazy that only a rookie hitman could bless it with sanity.

"Phillips is a writer who should be on everyone's radar for his lean, taut prose, authentic dialog, and mastery of noir."

– Sarah Chen, author of Cleaning Up Finn



From All Due Respect

Welcome to California. Weed is legal. Grow it. Sell it. Smoke it. Eat it. But the money you make off it—there's the rub. Bank it, and the Feds will ask questions. Keep it around, and you’ll get robbed. LaDon and Jessie—two hustlers who make selling primo weed a regular gig—hire a private security detail to move and hold their money. Ex-soldiers Glanson and Echo target the cash—they start a ripoff business.

It’s the wild, wild west. Except this time, everybody’s high.

With their guns and guts, Glanson and Echo don’t expect much trouble from a mean son-of-a-gun like LaDon Charles. But that’s exactly what they get. In this industry, no matter how much money there is for the taking—and no matter who gets it—there's always somebody counting zero.

"A slab of rare pulp, served nice and bloody. Countdown reads like an homage to Elmore Leonard from one of the hottest new voices on the crime fiction scene." – Anthony Neil Smith, author of All the Young Warriors, Slow Bear, and Yellow Medicine


Know Me from Smoke

From Fahrenheit 13

Stella Radney, longtime lounge singer, still has a bullet lodged in her hip from the night when a rain of gunshots killed her husband. That was twenty years ago and it’s a surprise when the unsolved murder is reopened. Royal Atkins is a convicted killer who just got out of prison on a legal technicality. At first, he’s thinking he’ll play it straight. Doesn’t take long before that plan turns to smoke. When Stella and Royal meet one night, they’re drawn to each other. But Royal has a secret. How long before Stella discovers that the man she’s falling for isn’t who he seems? A noir of gripping suspense and violence, Know Me from Smoke is a journey into the shadowy terrain of murder, lost love, and the heart’s lust for vengeance.

"Noir AF..." – David Nemeth,

"If Goodis were alive and writing today and had an apprentice, it might be Matt Phillips. " – Bruce Harris,


The Bad Kind of Lucky

From Shotgun Honey

Remmie Miken is starting over after a bad run. He’s got himself a crappy apartment in the big city and a job hustling burgers and fries. One night Remmie makes nice with a neighborhood gangster. So begins his quixotic pursuit of a whore-on-the-run and ten grand in cash. Headed south into Baja, Remmie brushes shoulders with lowdown crooks, a Catholic priest, cartel enforcers, a strawberry picker, and a wild-eyed expat. The Bad Kind of Lucky is a twisted comedic noir that follows Remmie straight into the void.

"A savage excursion into lowlife criminality..." – Tom Leins, Author of Repetition Kills You

"Remmie's journey will knock you six ways from Sunday...." – Rusty Barnes, author of Ridgerunner and The Last Danger

Accidental Outlaws

From All Due Respect Books

Three linked crime novellas that follow working class antiheroes as they indulge in theft, murder, and lawless shenanigans. Ain't no cops running things out this way. In "Mesa Boys," Ronnie plots a haphazard heist with a twisted con man. In "The Feud," tough-as-nails Rex lets his resentment for a local pot dealer cloud his judgement. And, in "Bar Burning," a mysterious drifter goes toe-to-toe with his new lady's psychotic ex-husband. Accidental Outlaws is a hellfire ride through working class America's angsty underbelly.

"The hardest hitting rural noir I've read in ages. Like a mule-kick in the teeth." – CS DeWildt, Author of Kill 'em with Kindness and Love You to a Pulp

"Just shitloads of good fun...Trailer trash noir at its very best." – Grant Nicol, author of On a Small Island, A Place to Bury Strangers, and The Mistake

"...filled with crime stories, but at its core, it is a working class tragedy." – David Nemeth,

Three Kinds of Fool

From All Due Respect Books

For ex-con and pool cleaning man Jess Forsyth, life is a California rhythm of surf, work, tacos, and drink. He’s gone straight, and he’s happy with that…Sort of. When he runs into an old pal, Jess finds himself taking money (and pride) from a well-heeled drug dealer. But things get twisted. On the journey that follows, Jess discovers you can’t escape what you are, especially when there’s cash for the taking. There are three kinds of fool in this life—the lost, the guilty, and the dead. But who the heck is who?

"Reminiscent of Irvine Welsh's 'Crime' but with the Southern Californian feel that only sex, guns, drugs, murder and surfboards can bring to the party..." – Grant Nicol, Author of On A Small Island, The Mistake, and A Place to Bury Strangers

"An original and contemporary take on the hardboiled genre... One of those authors driving noir foward... His unique take on the genre is quickly winning over a lot of fans looking for a new pulp/noir/hardboiled hero. They may just have found one." – Christopher Black, editor, Number Thirteen Press


From Number Thirteen Press


You can only take so much from a man before he has nothing left to lose...

Calvin G. Redbone, veteran, is a simple man with a simple routine. He lives in a travel trailer, details cars, takes practice swings with his Louisville Slugger. His weekdays are always the same: nothing more complicated than deciding whether to doctor his morning coffee with a splash of bourbon. Until his world begins to change. Until his best friend winds up dead. Until Calvin realizes that nothing is as simple as it appears on the surface. Maybe not even Calvin G. Redbone himself. As he begins to unravel the truth about his friend’s life and death, the question becomes: what’s Calvin going to do about it? Written in sharp-edged prose, Redbone is a captivating murder ballad-noir.

"... Speaks fluently the language of the dispossessed... His whiskey-soaked prose can at times be as slick as a man slinging snake-oil, and other times as brutal as a baseball bat to the head." – Eryk Pruitt, Author of Hashtag and Dirtbags

Bad Luck City

From Near to the Knuckle


A missing woman. A rogue reporter. A .38 Colt Detective Special...

Sim Palmer is bored and unfulfilled in his job. Journalism for a small weekly in Las Vegas turned out less exciting than he expected. One phone call changes all that; he finds himself battling against the odds for his life and discovering things about his family history best left buried. The first in a series of Knuckle Cracking Novellas brought to you by Near to the Knuckle. 

"... Told with the style and experience of a veteran of the noir game––the likes of Lawrence Block would be proud to have his name on the cover of this one... Interesting reveals as the story grows, culminating in a dramatic conclusion." – Aidan Thorn, Author of When the Music's Over and Urban Decay

"...A throwback pulp novella that rings with authenticity." – Out of the Gutter