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"An intelligently conceived and executed crime drama..."

Kirkus Reviews


From All Due Respect Books

This haunting, hardboiled tale follows detective Frank “Slim Fat” Pinson and his partner as they try to unravel the vexing mystery surrounding a who-done-it drug murder in San Diego.

Frank “Slim Fat” Pinson is your regular hardboiled murder cop—hell, Frank’s a cliché. His wife is dead after jumping from a bridge and he’s a mal-practicing Catholic. He’s tough as nails. Hard as sin. Except not. When Frank and his partner, “Skinny” Slade Ryerson, catch a cartel murder case, they’re sucked into a black hell of political corruption with ties to Santa Muerte. And Frank—a man who knows himself so well—spins into an epic crisis of faith. The first detective novel from acclaimed pulp writer Matt Phillips introduces readers to a fascinating character of indefensible fault, immense morality, and incalculable demise.

"Phillips gets better with each book, using crime as a vehicle to penetrate the depths of the human soul…”

- Travis Richardson, Derringer winner and author of Bloodshot & Bruised

"Phillips treats readers to the down-and-dirtiest whodunnit they’ll ever read. Gritty, post-modern, and self-aware, this detective novel introduces Frank Pinson and Slade Ryerson (the suave Watson to Frank Pinson’s slovenly, self-destructive Holmes).”

- Steve Lambert, author of Philisteens

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