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— OUT NOVEMBER 1, 2023 —

"Rough, dangerous, sexy and sweet."

— Jo Perry, author of Pure

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From Run Amok Crime

Creeley Nash has been running her entire life. That includes running drugs for a wannabe kingpin. On a drug run to Palm Springs—the town where Creeley escaped her no-good mother as a teen—she’ll encounter a sun-drenched facade beneath which lurks a web of dark secrets. A Good Rush of Blood follows Creeley as she unravels the mystery of her estranged mother’s murder conviction.


Peopled with bent cops, grizzled reporters, hardened drug dealers, eccentric sidekicks and sexy librarians, this sweaty, fast-paced neo-noir finds stellar noir scribe Matt Phillips (Countdown, Know Me from Smoke) at the apex of his dirty, lethal game.

"Phillips gets better with each book, using crime as a vehicle to penetrate the depths of the human soul…”

- Travis Richardson, Derringer winner and author of Bloodshot & Bruised

"Creeley goes on a hellblazing path toward justice, unsure if she'll ever get there. This, the latest page turner by Matt Phillips, is a great crime novel with an evil conclusion. Or two.”

- Rob Pierce, author of Snake Slayer and Vern in the Heat

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